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A new school of old school death metal. Creating death metal that is authentically new while have a natural memory and understanding of the old. Rooted in early 90's progressive death metal, but with an unrelenting forward-thinking approach. Spearheaded by guitar player Jim Tasikas, CONTRARIAN is a group of like-minded musicians that coincidentally converged on a vision of what a modern death metal band should sound like. Organic sounding, yet aggressive and melodically complex, CONTRARIAN is packed with snake-like riffage and atmospheric variations that will provide a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity. 


CONTRARIAN has released 5 full album releases:

"Polemic" - 2015 Willowtip Records

"To Perceive Is To Suffer" - 2017 Willowtip Records

"Their Worm Never Dies" - 2019 Willowtip Records

"Only Time Will Tell" - 2020 Willowtip Records

"Sage of Shekhinah" - 2023 Willowtip Records

Contrarian to date have completed successful tours and concerts with genre counterparts such as Atheist, Suffocation, Pathology, Mastodon, Beyond Creation, Nile, River of Nihil, and Hate Eternal.

Contrarian is thinking man's metal. Intricate both musically and lyrically. The band uses methods fantasy and escapism to convey ideas involving philosophy, theology, and science. 


Jim Tasikas - Guitars
Ed Paulsen - Bass
Alex Cohen - Drums

Brian Mason - Guitars
JaKob SiN - Vocals

- Recently partnered with Extreme Management Group and Ashley Talent International Booking, Contrarian will become an even more dominant force in extreme metal.

- Contrarian are endorsed by Los Cabos Drumsticks, Bartolini Pick Ups, BG Pick Ups and Kirlin Cables.

- All Contrarian releases available in digital formats on iTunes, BandCamp, and Spotify

- Strong and growing presence Facebook and Instagram nearing 50,000 followers

- Consistent Merchandise and Records Sales

- Has worked both with Earsplit PR and Clawhammer PR for album release promotion.

- Multiple ads and review in Decibel Magazine, USA Zero Tolerance Magazine UK, and Metal Hammer Magazine.

- Albums have featured artists such as Paul Masvidal (Cynic) and George Kollias (Nile) and Leon Macey (Mithras)

- Most recently completed Northeast US/Canada tour with Pathology, Narcotic Wasteland

- Contrarian has been featured on BangerTV multiple times including Best Metal Releases March 2019



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